The Family and Youth Institute has gathered resources for the following areas and produced them in the form of a toolkit. We hope that you will find these resources useful during times of need. Each of the tool-kits includes links to a host of resources based on the topic area.

Religious/Spiritual Abuse Toolkit – Spiritual Abuse, which is also sometimes called religious abuse, is mistreatment inflicted on others using the excuse or rationale of religion, faith, or spirituality. It is important to recognize the signs of this type of abuse, know how to get or provide help, and avoid blaming the victim when these incidences occur. Below, we have outlined a list of resources to help inform our community.

Suicide Prevention Toolkit – In recognition of 2017’s National Suicide Prevention Week, The FYI set out to create comprehensive and culturally specific resources addressing suicide risks, intervention, assessment, and prevention. This thorough resource includes information specific to teens, parents, survivors of suicide attempts, their families, survivors of suicide loss, a section for mental health professionals, imams, educators, and additional resources including infographics, videos, and help-lines.

Bullying Prevention Toolkit – This toolkit offers a variety of resources for parents, school administrators and youth themselves to address and build protective factors against bullying and anti-Muslim sentiment. The resources touch on a diverse array of topics such as coping strategies and legal advice and advice by age and child development stage.

Grief Support Toolkit This toolkit offers a range of resources to help readers through understanding the process of grief. Whether you yourself are going through one of the many stages of grief, or you are looking to help and support another, this toolkit aims to help.

Post-Election Toolkit   You may be feeling anxious and struggling to try to make sense of the 2016 election results and implications on your family, your job, and even your bank account. Remember what you do have control over and focus on that! This toolkit was put together in the wake of the 2016 election after a season of rising anti-Muslim sentiment and Islamophobic rhetoric. Resources include tips on how to speak to your children about their concerns and fears, how to first deal with your own fears and anxieties, and also some spiritual and advocacy tips, among many others.

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