FYI_Infographic_Alcohol Use FYI_Infographic_Hookah 

The Family and Youth Institute is a research and education non-profit that aims to support young people and their families by conducting original research and translating that research into mediums that are creative and useful for people like you.  Please scan through our infographics gallery to see one example of how we have approached those goals. The infographics on this page are an attempt to translate the original research done by our organization into a medium that can be used to spread information and bring light to the issues faced by our community.

If we don’t know the extent of the problem, how can we seek solutions? We strongly believe that through our research and education we will be able to empower our communities to address the issues we face in practical ways.

Click on the image for more information about the research that was used to derive each of the infographics.

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