Parenting is difficult on its own but given the competing demands, multiple responsibilities, lack of support, and often increasingly challenging environment, sometimes it feels as if the pressure is too high. However, effective parenting skills can set your children up for success like no other intervention. Learn effective parenting techniques from Family and Youth Institute professionals and watch the magic unfold!

This is not your average power-point presentation! This interactive workshop is jam-packed with exciting ways to interact with the information – such as live polling, infographics, videos, and most importantly, time with an expert in the field of mental health!

Why The FYI

The FYI is a national research and education institute focusing on Muslim mental health and family wellness. Our mission is to strengthen and empower individuals, families, and communities through mental health research and education. The Family and Youth Institute has also designed a vibrant and meaningful range of workshops, lectures, and presentations on topics within our four focus areas related to youth, marriage, parenting, and mental health!


Session 1 – Parenting in a Digital Age (2 hr) 

With smartphones taking over our time, tablets taking over the dinner table, and notifications taking over our lives, what can families do to connect in this digital age? In this Family and Youth Institute lecture, participants will learn about best tech-practices, good family habits, and how they can implement them in their own lives with their own children.
Session 2 – Communicating with Teens (4 hr) 

Why does communicating with a teenager feel so different? How can you reach them through the screens and their busy schedules? This interactive workshop presents information on child development through the adolescent years, highlights diverse methods of helping teens through loving relationships, and covers effective communication tips and pointers in order to help strengthen connection through these potentially tough but essential teen years.

Target Audience:

This workshop is curated for parents to provide some resources and tools when it comes to parenting in a healthy and effective manner.


$2750 (plus travel and accommodations)


Possible Speakers