The FYI’s Porn Addiction Toolkit – This toolkit offers a range of resources to help readers who are impacted by pornography. The FYI created this toolkit for those addicted to porn, spouses of a person addicted to porn, and parents of a child addicted to porn.
Pornography & Muslim Youth: Preliminary Research Findings – The latest findings on porn consumption in Muslim American communities. What does pornography look like among Muslims? Why are Muslim youth are watching pornography? These are just some of the questions The Family & Youth Institute and its partners, Young MuslimsNASEEHAZakat Foundation, have teamed up to address.
Porn Addiction: A Conversation About Stigma, Shame, and Seeking Support – Discussion on porn addiction with Madiha Tahseen, PhD from The Family and Youth Institute, Sh. Omar Husain, PhD from Yaqeen Institute, and Br. Danial Farrukh from Young Muslims.

This was also live tweeted.
4 Tips For Supporting Your Partner As They Recover From A Porn Addiction – Choosing to support the recovery of your spouse is a courageous decision. As you begin the journey of healing and recovery with your spouse, here are some tips that can help you along the way.
3 Things You Should Know About Porn Addiction – Many of us in religious communities mistakenly assume that upholding a religious belief (pornography is forbidden) is enough to protect us from engaging in immoral behavior. Here are 3 Things You Should Know About Porn Addiction.