Lama Elsharif, MSc is the Marketing Specialist for The Family and Youth Institute. She holds a
master’s degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science
located in London, UK. Her master’s thesis focused on the promotion of human rights through
community-based programs. She also received her BA in Political Science, with minors in Arabic
and Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Studies, from the Virginia Commonwealth University in
Richmond, VA.

Lama actively participates in her local youth organization, where she formally held the position
of the Social Media Content Lead. In addition to this, she holds multiple certifications in digital
marketing and is continuing to expand her capacity in this field. As the Marketing Specialist,
Lama hopes to expand the FYI’s digital and social reach.
Lastly, Lama has been a volunteer teacher for the past three years at her local Islamic weekend
school. She has experience teaching ages 4-8 and currently teaches ages 9-16 Quran, Islamic
Studies, and Arabic.