Sondos Al Sad is a Researcher at The Family and Youth Institute. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University. She has graduated Medicine School in Jordan, finished her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Kentucky, and holds a Master’s in Public health and Epidemiology. She is currently completing her Certificate in Maternal and Child Health. Her areas of expertise include women’s health research, cognitive behavioral therapy for non-psychotic mental illnesses, and counseling risky health behaviors. Sondos’ current research interests include women’s health, impact of risky health behaviors on quality of life, soft tissue disorders, improving methods of education for undergraduate, and preventive health. She has presented her research nationally at academic and community conferences.

Sondos previously served as organizer of outreach programs in North of Jordan for Art of Life; a 2 year Islamic psychology course, she also served as a youth program instructor in Delaware towards proactive Islamic identity, and part of community outreach program with Muslim Professionals of Delaware MPOD. She is currently invested in developing ethical and independent youth-led media at Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Ohio.

Sondos has served as a Muslim activist for over 15 years. Her involvement has focused on women’s empowerment, providing a voice for underrepresented youth in Islamic centers, and supporting more collaborative efforts between Islamic institutions, teams, and the broader community.