Fitness And Nutrition

**These recommendations are for healthy adults; if you have any medical concerns, please consult your physician.**
Investing time into your health, fitness and food choices can help to maximize your potential in Ramadan! Whether you plan to go to the gym or workout from from home, here are some ways to maintain your fitness routine during Ramadan: 
  • Creating a 30-day meal and fitness plan can help you stay motivated and focused.

  • These
    guidelines provide information about the timing, duration, and quality of your workout during Ramadan, as well as specific plans for men and women.

  • Check out these free at-home workout options with
    Peloton and Daily Burn.

  • For a refresher on the basic nutrients your body needs daily and how to meet these needs during Ramadan, refer to this resource.
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Prepared by medical experts and Islamic researchers, this Ramadan Health Guide provides more detailed information about balancing nutrition while also maximizing the benefits of fasting. The guide also contains a section for doctors and medical professionals, to enable them to provide more informed services to their patients.
Many women wrestle with the choice to fast or not during pregnancy or while nursing. As an expecting mother, it is important to assess your health and speak with your physician and religious leader in order to determine what is appropriate for your situation. Refer to this resource for a collection of the legal rulings and resources from all schools of thought and scientific evidence on the effects of fasting during pregnancy, and whilst breastfeeding. Similarly, as a nursing mother, the potential impact of fasting on low milk supply is important to consider, as well as alternative forms of ‘ibaadah (worship) you can engage in if you choose not to fast. 
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